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Sale - Are you looking for a great boxing workout but don’t have the space for a regular boxing bag?

This small FightBro Boxing Bag is a great solution. Suitable for kicking too. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is a quality made product.

Held between 2 strong tension pull-up bars it is the perfect way to improve on your fitness & wellbeing, increase your endurance or to simply relieve some stress.

Suitable for sparring and circuit work you can have the best-looking boxing gym in your home.  Assemble quickly and have a boxing workout.

▶ High quality, good looking Boxing Bag.

  • Large punching area of 32 cm diameter.
  • Thick durable inner foam the bag is 10cm thick.
  • 2 strong tension pull-up bars with adjustable lengths between 60 – 100 cm
  • Door frame mount