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Sale - Boxing Bag - includes pull up bar

Weighing in up to a solid 15kg’s you can have a heavy boxing workout. Suitable for all types of strikes, punches, kicks, knees, lunges, attacks and much more.  Professionally packed using premium filling and beautifully made. Held by a strong tension pull-up bar (included) or suspend from hook and chain. The shape encourages proper form and reduces the risk of jammed elbows. Ideal for perfecting body shots, uppercuts and other punches. Suitable for sparring and circuit work. Great release of frustrations while getting yoru heart rate up shaping your upper body.  Easy to mount and remove for all your boxing workout requirements. 

▶ High quality, good looking Boxing Bag.

  • Large Punching bag - size 65cm*38cm
  • Strong tension pull-up bar with adjustable lengths between 60 – 100 cm
  • Door frame mount

Enjoy your boxing session at home.

Recommend that used with boxing or sparring gloves.