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Sale - 5 Different Weights in One Dumbbell - from 2.25 kg to 11kg

You heard it right, this 11kg smart adjustable dumbbell is all you need to work out for any fitness level at any intensity. Anywhere. Simply place the Smart Dumbbell on the rack, move the dial to adjust the weight, and lift to work out!

▶ 5 Different Weights in One Dumbbell

Save valuable space in your home and enjoy the functionality of 5 weights in 1 easily compact and adjustable fitness gear – it’s as simple as turning the dial!

▶ Increase Strength

The Dumbbell enables you to increase your strength and weights for different exercises quickly without wasting time or energy between sets! When you’re done, it’s a matter of placing out of the way – no need to invest in expensive weight racks.

Make use of the power of small weight increments so you can do each exercise with the optimal weight and target the right muscles.

Note: these dumbells come as singles (two are required to work both arms together)

  • STURDY: Cast iron weight plates
  • CONTROL: Easily adjustable weight
  • NEW DESIGN: New compact design
  • SAVE SPACE: Don’t clutter the house with dumbbells!
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: Simply move the dial to change weights
  • INCREASE STRENGTH: 5 even weight increments from 2.25 kg to 11kg
  • NON-SLIP: Seamless steel tube with non-slip texture design


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