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JUMP BOX 3 in 1 wooden Plyo Box Aussie Home Gym

Sale - Add an Jump Box to your home gym to change up your workouts and add effective plyometric training for maximum gains.

Versatile Uses

Whether you want to perform some strength and cardio training exercises as an addition to your workouts, or you want a versatile Plyo Box for your CrossFit training, this versatile 3-in-1 jump box is a must-have.

Sturdy Build with 3 Heights

Perform effective plyometric training at any skill level in your own conditions using this 3-in-1 plyometric box. Designed with safety in mind, it features heavy-duty timber construction with anti slip PVC surface so you can jump with confidence without worrying about potential slips.


  • VERSATILE: 3-in-1 design
  • ADJUSTABLE: 3 heights: 50cm/20in, 60cm/24in, 77cm/30in
  • STURDY: Weighs 25kg
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Pre-drilled holes and screws provided. 


See why CrossFit studios and gyms have Plyo Boxes.

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