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Power Rack for lifting weights and strength training

Are you trying to gain strength? If yes, then a power rack might be perfect for you.

If you are interested in doing classic strength training moves like squats, deadlifts, and bench press from home then you should invest in a power rack.

Are you trying to gain muscle mass? If yes, then again a power rack would be a great investment for your home gym. The exercises a power rack provides are just the type of exercises you need to do to add lean mass.

Are you trying to lose weight or tone up? If yes, then a power rack is right for you. Strength training can definitely help you burn calories and lose weight

Power racks are becoming increasingly popular in home and garage gyms. This is largely due to how affordable they are becoming and the improvements in overall quality.

You can do numerous different exercises safely inside them, including:

*Bench Press                     *Lunges

*Shoulder Press                 *Calf raises

*Bent-over row                 *Bicep curls

*Deadlift                            *Shoulder shrugs  

*Pull up

 This is much safer with safety protection bars to spot the lifter. This comes in handy if you are exercising by yourself.


  • Stable Base
  • Pull up bar
  • Lat pulley system – pull down, pull up
  • Low row
  • Dip Bars 30 cm
  • J hooks - non-slip safety
  • 1 Squat protection bars
  • Plate loaded

This product has the characteristics of small footprint, unique function, economy and practicality.  In addition, this product is also equipped with a group of safety features.


The height of the barbell rack can also be adjusted to a certain range according to the customer's body height.


  • Size: 110x140x220cm
  • Length of Parallel Bars: 30cm
  • Width of Parallel Bars: 60cm
  • Area Covered: about 2.0㎡
  • Weight: 72Kgs
  • Packing size: 204x32x20cm and 116x36x18cm
  • Packing Weight: 75kgs
  • Material: Q235 Steel and A3 Steel Thickness:1.5mm

        Weights and weight bars not included

Recommended max load:

  • 300kg if using the bar catchers inside of the cage
  • 200kg if using the bar catchers outside the cage
  • 150kg for dip handles
  • 150kg for pull up bar120kg for lat pull down system