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Support your wrist, enhance grip, and reduce fatigue when lifting and training

It’s time to pull weights more naturally and with more power using the silicone ergonomic grip with straps.  These gym handle grips allow for arm rotation minimising joint stress.


A more natural grip positions and rotating movement in the exercise 
Use a neutral grip position as well as a rotational arm movement for your body's most natural range of motion. Helps minimize shoulder, wrist, and elbow injuries and joint stress by relieving the stressed parts of your hands and wrists.

Greater range of motion with more natural movement 
Experience more efficient muscle building with functional training as more body tension is required when lifting using this grip with straps. Plus, you will be training at angles that hit your back and shoulders more efficiently which leads to more effective muscle growth.

Now it’s time to skyrocket the comfort & efficiency in your workouts.

✅ Get these ergonomic grips and achieve the right angle to activate the targeted muscle fibres when training!


1 X Pair heavy-duty silicone grip with premium strap


  • 2-Layer system for maximum resistance (170kg per handle)
  • Non Slip
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Length: 10CM
  • Inner Diameter: 2.5CM