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High quality latex resistance loop bands

The Set of 4 Heavy Duty Resistance Loop Bands designed to help you achieve your fitness goals anywhere.

One Design, So Many Uses

A Loop Resistance Band increases the effectiveness of your exercises enormously as it assists with pull-ups, and makes exercises like jump squats and lunges to be more intense. Meaning by adding them to your routines, you can increase strength and power, and become flexible, lean, and fit very fast.

Use them as an alternative or supplement to Yoga, Pilates, Stretching Exercises, CrossFit, Fitness, Insanity, Zumba, P90X, or other training programs. But it is also used a lot for Physical Therapy, Recovery or to increase Mobility, especially after ankle, leg, and knee injuries, Postnatal Recovery, or Rehabilitation.

Workout Anywhere

There is nothing that can keep you back from reaching your fitness goals as the Loop Resistance Bands are easy to carry and enable effective training everywhere, at any time you want. No need to go to the gym and risk possible contamination.

Full Body Workout for All Levels
Great for outstanding full-body workout. You can train each muscle group. With these Loops Bands you can have a Full Body Workout and train your legs, glutes, waist, chest, butt, back, shoulders, arms, and more. Tone your body, lose weight, get results, stay fit, and achieve the fitness goal that you are aiming for!

4x Premium Colour-Coded Resistance Bands

For each exercise, you can choose 1 of our 4 colour coded Bands for different stretch levels: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy. The Loop Resistance Bands are made of premium and eco-friendly latex which is durable, elastic, and has a great feel. They are built to last!


Why You’ll Love This Set of Fitness Resistance Bands:

- 100% Natural Latex
- Perfect for Cross-fit, Gym, Yoga & Fitness training
- Develop balance and coordination
- Perfect for stretching and flexibility
- Perfect for weight training
- Easy Maintenance



  • Yellow 2.5 to 7.5 KG 208cm*4.50mm*0.64cm
  • Red 7.5 to 15 KG      208cm*0.45cm*1.30cm
  • Purple 15 to 25 KG   208cm*0.45cm*1.90cm
  • Green 25 to 60 KG   208cm*0.45cm*4.50cm