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Sale - Speed Ball 

Fightbro Double End Speed Ball - the perfect workout partner that won”t talk back to you! Tone, strengthen and increase reflexes.

  • Durable top grade leather construction Strike Bag
  • Pinched oval design allows a variety of punches to be thrown
  • Elastic tethers with adjustable webbing mounting strap
  • fits in door frame
  • With pull up bar and base (no need to drill holes)

Suitable for sparring and circuit work you can have the best-looking boxing gym in your home.  Assemble quickly and have a boxing workout.

▶ High quality, good looking Strike Bag.

  • Large punching area of 32 cm diameter.
  • Thick durable inner foam the bag is 10cm thick.
  • Strong tension pull-up bar with adjustable lengths between 60 – 100 cm
  • Quality looking stable sand filled base
  • Door frame mount

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